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The Story of Stratosphere

We are on a mission to give self-directed investors the tools and data to make better investment decisions. Self directed investors need high quality data and software, without the hefty price tag.

Our founder, Braden Dennis, couldn't find the tool for everything in one place, so he started building it. He then partnered up with life-long friend and extremely skilled developer, Ryan White, to build a more scalable solution.

Today, Stratosphere is a wonderful team of varying backgrounds to build a technology enabled platform that empowers self-directed investors. We can't wait to keep building.

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Investment Strategy

At Stratosphere we are looking to write about the highest quality businesses available with consistently compounding cash flows.

There are several factors in what makes a great business to own for the long-term.

We must be able to prove that the company has the following characteristics:

Growing top line revenue and cash flows.

Recognizable moat that is durable and we suspect will be intact for a long time.

Underpinned by secular growth trends.

Has pricing power. Not commoditized product or service.

Demonstrates consistently high returns on invested capital.

Management aligned with long term performance and execution.

Our Team

Learn more about our team below.

Braden DennisBraden Adventuring

Braden Dennis


Braden is an engineer who was fascinated by business and investing at a young age. He built Stratosphere as a passion project to learn and share ideas. Now, he is on a mission to help self-directed investors.

Adrian IwanickiAdrian Lifting

Adrian Iwanicki

Equity Analyst

Adrian loves the "big picture" analysis that comes along with investing in public companies. At Stratosphere, he strives to provide growing value to the self-directed investing community through his research.

Ryan WhiteRyan Snowboarding

Ryan White

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan joined Stratosphere after spending years at some of Canada's top web development agencies. Having worked with Facebook, Crowdstrike, Adidas and more, Ryan brings his technical expertise to the Stratosphere team.