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Brookfield Asset Management's AUM

Brookfield's (BAM) Assets Under Management (AUM)

There are asset managers, and then there's Brookfield (BAM). Brookfield has a world-class management team that carefully invests in the most critical and highest-quality real estate, infrastructure, renewable power sources, private equity, and alternative assets around the globe.

Brookfield has rapidly grown their Total Assets Under Management ("AUM") from 228B in 2015 to 688B at the end of 2021 (725B in Q1’22). That works out to a 20% Compound Annual Growth Rate ("CAGR"). Although there has been a recent decrease in AUM, we think shareholders will one day be celebrating the $1 trillion mark.

Why is it important for BAM investors to track this metric? Because BAM is an asset manager, they generate revenue by managing assets and creating strong returns. Being able to track and see how AUM is trending directly effects their top and bottom line. If AUM begins to stagnate or decrease, revenues for the company's asset management business is likely to follow in the same direction

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