Today we are releasing Version 1.1 of, the ChatGPT of Finance.

FinChat is your AI assistant for investment research

With FinChat, you can interact with financial data, transcripts, filings, lessons from successful investors and company specific information in a conversational way.

The types of information you can expect to receive from a FinChat prompt:

  • A summary of the company in question's latest quarterly results

  • A table of the data you would like to see

  • What legendary money managers think of certain investing topics

  • When the CEO of a company has discussed their plans for a certain growth strategy

  • Transcripts from the management team on quarterly conference calls

  • Relevant company documents to the prompts

Typical questions you may ask FinChat:

Summarize Microsoft's last quarter with a focus on the cloud business. Include transcripts from CEO Satya Nadella.

How many Model 3's is Tesla selling? And what are Elon's thoughts on profit margins?

What does Mark Zuckerberg think about efficiency?

What does Warren Buffett think of investing with leverage?

Can you tell me how the YouTube business is doing inside Alphabet (Google)? Please provide a 5 year growth rate.



  1. Does it link to relevant sources?
    Yes, it uses for training data and linking to relevant sources.

  2. How many companies does it include?
    Version 1.1 has ~750 companies in coverage.

  3. What does it cost?
    It is free for 10 prompts per day. Paid plans available for more prompts.

  4. Who can use this?
    All investors from individuals to professionals who are looking for quick answers on insights that can take hours to uncover.

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