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Mastercard's (MA) Total Transaction Volume

MasterCard ("MA") is an American financial technology company that enables consumers, merchants, banks, businesses, and government organizations to connect easily through its own global electronic payments network. MasterCard is not a credit or debit card company, but rather a host of payment rails that authorizes, clears, and finally settles transactions.

Total Transaction Volume for Mastercard in 2021 was $7,720B, and $8,075B in the trailing twelve months (TTM). Like Visa, Mastercard generates their revenue predominantly by taking a small percentage of each transaction on their network. This is known as their "take rate". Take rate is another KPI tracked on Stratosphere for MA.

Why track Transaction Volume? Mastercard investors should pay close attention to the trend of transaction volume as this is how Mastercard generates the majority of their revenue. Although we saw a slight decline in transaction volume in 2020, this was due to lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and reduced consumer spending overall. Over the past ten years, Mastercard has seen their transaction volume increase from $3,651B to $7,720B.

Although Transaction Volume is an important metric to track, investors should also pay close attention to other Key Performance Indicators ("KPI's") such as Incentive Costs, Cross-Border Transactions, Take Rate (%), and Total Card Count.

You can find all of Mastercard's KPI's on Stratosphere by clicking the button below. Stratosphere also has up-to-date 10-year / 10-quarter KPI coverage of the TSX60 & S&P500. Click the button below to explore Mastercard's KPI's

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