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As investors, there is always something new, or something that you don’t know about. Whether it be beginner knowledge or advanced deep dives on companies, there is always more to learn. There are forums and groups all over the internet. Reddit has the infamous “Wall Street Bets”, but just how much knowledge do you stand to gain from these speculative groups?

There are other groups where the creator of the group is absent, leaving many beginners hopeless when it comes to answering their questions. Some groups are just too big as well, which creates chaos and conflicting opinions as people debate on the best investment strategies. But not here.

Stratosphere members gain access to a community of like-minded investors, focusing on strong compounding companies for the long term. Creators of “The Canadian Investor” podcast, Braden Dennis and Simon Belanger, are actively answering questions as they arise.

Comprised of two areas, the forum group is divided between a general area and a members area.

1) General Area

The general area is comprised of 5 subcategories. These 5 categories are:

  • Announcements

  • Introductions

  • Support

  • Product Questions

  • Guides

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The announcements tab is reserved for Braden to announce different updates. These updates can range from improving software, or new programs. Although this tab is restricted in terms of who can post, all members are free to interact with the posts by liking, commenting, or sharing the post with others.


When you join, we would like to hear about you! Feel free to post a quick introduction or read through previous introductions to meet other members.


If you need support with regards to your account, the support tab will guide you on the right path to getting your account sorted.

Product Questions

To effectively use the Stratosphere platform, it is important to understand how all the features work. If you are unsure, the product questions tab is a space where you are free to ask questions about products or features that are provided.


In addition to the product questions tab, the guides area will have blog posts with walkthroughs on Stratosphere features. If you are still unsure, feel free to leave a comment with your question.

1) Members Area

The Members Area is comprised of 4

subcategories. These 5 categories are:

  • Stock Specific Questions

  • General Investing

  • Stock Pitches

  • Earnings Results

Members Area Sidebar

The members area is a more interactive space for users to converse. Similar to the general area, there are 4 subcategories for members to utilize. These being:

Specific Stock Questions

In specific stock questions, members can pose different questions about companies. There are no bad questions! Regardless of your inquiry, we will do our best in answering it fully.

General Investing

There are so many different things to learn when it comes to investing. Beginners, and even experienced investors, will have questions when it comes to investing. From investing styles, trends, account types, strategies, metrics, and more, we will be here to answer any questions you have regarding most aspects of investing.

Stock Pitches

If you have a stock pick that you think might be a good investment, or merely just want other members thoughts about a company you’re thinking about buying, you can pitch that stock to the entire community!

Earnings Results

When a company reports their earnings, it can be difficult to truly understand the direction a company is headed, or what happened during the last quarter. With the earnings results tab, you are able to pose questions about a company’s earnings reports, and converse with other members to gain further insight.

Other Tools To Utilize

The Stratosphere community is a community of genuine, long term investors who are willing to help each other out. If for any reason you have a question you are not comfortable sharing with the rest of the community, you are able to direct message any member of the community. Simply search for any member by name in the top search bar and you will be able to go to their profile and direct message them. This includes Braden and Simon!

Having a conversation with members is great but can sometimes result in slower responses. By directly referencing a member’s name in your comment, they will get an email alert showing your comment, and a link to respond to you. To reference a member in you comment or post, utilize the ‘@’ symbol on your keyboard, and type their name! Make sure you choose the correct member, as some members have similar spellings.

If you want to post a question or are looking for a certain topic, you can utilize the search bar at the top of the page. This will provide you with all the results with your search word. You can search for members, certain stocks, investing key words, and so much more.

Dashboard Overview

The Bottom Line

There is a ton of things to learn when it comes to investing. Unfortunately, there are a ton of groups available that are flawed. Whether it be the size of the group, inaccurate information, or slow response times, most groups are flawed, resulting in little to no knowledge gained.

The Stratosphere community is a group of like minded, long term investors who help each other in a timely manner. Conversations are easy to engage in, and are informative.

If you are a Stratosphere member, you are eligible to join the community. Make sure to create an account on the forum, as you will not automatically have an account. Using your Stratosphere account details, you will be able to disclose and much or little as you wish.

Once you are a Stratosphere member with an account in the community, you have full access to this wonderful platform.

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