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The Home Depot's (HD) Total Store Count

The Home Depot (HD) is the biggest home improvement retailer in North America with nearly half a million employees across 2,316 stores. Although their store growth is not explosive, they have steadily expanded into new geographies, tapping into new markets and bringing The Home Depot experience to more customers.

Over the past ten years, The Home Depot has grown their store count from 2,256 to 2,316.

Why is this an important metric to track?

We believe HD investors should keep a close eye on store count, as it is important that management continues to identify new markets and expand effectively. Each HD store is a distribution centre in and of itself, and successful locations are huge profit generators. Alongside a host of other metrics such as Comparable Sales Growth (% YoY), Segment Revenues, Customer Transactions, and Average Ticket Size - Total Store Locations can help investors derive insights on the future of the buisness that financial statements alone wont tell you.

That's why Stratosphere.io's KPI (Key Performace Indicator) Database covering the TSX60 & SP500 is so valuable. If you want to see all of The Home Depot's KPI's, click the button below.

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