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The Ultimate Investor’s Guide to Using

Investors navigate deploying capital in a world full of noise when they search for signal.

We have set out to build an all-in-one platform to provide purely signal for thorough fundamental analysis in a fraction of the time.

Stratosphere was built by investors for investors to provide a beautiful web based research terminal that provides the right data and tools in the right place.

We have gone beyond the surface level data and dug deep into the numbers that move the needle like business segments, geographies and business driving KPIs.

In this guide, we will go through every feature one by one and explore specific use cases that will give investors an edge compared to traditional research software.


The guide is broken up into three main sections as well as the lowest subscription Tier required to use it:

  1. Company Research

    1. Financials (Free, Personal for unlimited historical data)

    2. KPIs (Professional)

    3. Ratios (Free)

    4. Modeling (Free)

    5. Analysts (Personal)

    6. Filings (Free)

    7. Investors (Free)

    8. Dividends (Free)

  2. Investor Tools

    1. Watchlist (Free, Personal for unlimited watchlists)

    2. KPI Dashboard (Professional)

    3. Fundamental Charting (Free, Personal for unlimited historical data)

    4. Stock Screener (Free)

  3. Resources

    1. Investor Holdings (Free)

    2. Super Investors (Free)

    3. Hedge Fund Letters (Free)

    4. Earnings Calendar (Free)

Lets begin with the fundamental analysis tools available when you search up a stock on Stratosphere.

Company Research


Gone are the days of limited data sets.

The platform will provide up to 35 years of historical financials on 40,000+ global stocks and provide the ability to compare, contrast and visualize any metric.

First, immediately after searching a stock you will get the historical share price performance chart and the fundamentals snapshot.  Giving you a quick picture of the growth, dividend, valuation, balance sheet, profitability and margins.


Next, you will find the bread and butter of the platform, financial data going back up to 35 years.

  • Income Statement

  • Balance Sheet

  • Cash Flow Statements

  • Valuation

  • Profitability

  • Financial Health

  • Capital Efficiency

  • Per Share Metrics

  • Dividend

  • Key Performance Indicators


You can chart out any metric you wish by simply selecting the line item from the table and a graph will display with the selected metric over time.

Additionally, if the company is in our coverage of primarily large cap stocks, you can view Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the business, segments and geographies.

No more time sinking data collection for these difficult to gather metrics.  More time for thinking, reading and making great decisions.  Based on our case studies, we have found that it is over 90x faster to use our KPI coverage than collect data manually from filings.


To view an updated list of our KPI coverage, view the KPI Dashboard.

Financial Modeling

Welcome to your new financial modeling spreadsheet with unlevered and levered DCFs at your fingertips without extensive time setting up a spreadsheet.

In a fraction of the time, adjust the auto-filled assumptions and inputs as you see fit with every editable box.


Adjust fields like growth rates, margins, debt, hurdle rates and much more in seconds.  You can also quickly save up a model and it will automatically save to that ticker on your account.  Refer back to it at any time in the future or pick up where you left off, all saved on the cloud.


Tap into the professional analyst community in aggregate by utilizing our ability to pull data from investment banks and research firms and view:

  • Price targets

  • Revenue forecasts

  • EPS forecasts

  • EBITDA forecasts


Visualize Wall Street consensus and the numbers that got them there in seconds in addition to viewing visually the most bearish and bullish price targets out into the future from professional analysts at well known shops.

Industry Comparisons

Utilize our best-in-class peer groups to quickly compare and contrast other businesses in the industry.

Customizability is our strong suit and we give investors the tools to be in the driver's seat.  You can add or delete any company you wish into the peer list in addition to choosing from over 100+ metrics to use in your analysis.  The world is your oyster.


Filings & Transcripts

Our mission of creating an all-in-one research terminal includes the ability to have regulatory filings, transcripts and more right inside of the application.

In one easy to use interface, navigate between:

  • 10-Ks

  • 10-Qs

  • 8-Ks

  • Earnings call transcripts

  • Ownership changes

  • Prospectuses

  • Press releases

  • Other attached exhibits like presentations


Another step to simplify the research process by bringing this information consolidated into the application and side-step the nuance of investor relations or government websites.  

This feature is a perfect place to read 10-Ks, read transcribed discussions from the management team or get the latest high level quarterly results from the issued press release.



Gain a quick snapshot of institutional ownership, which large funds and famous investors own shares and transactions from insiders at the company.

Stats like number of institutional investors, how much is owned by the Top 10 investors, insider ownership and much more in a quick snapshot.


“Show Me the Incentive and I’ll Show You the Outcome” - Charlie Munger

Incentive structures matter and management teams of winners, keep winning.

Uncover which well known famous investors own shares and how much.  You can even determine their history of ownership and stake over time visually.

Navigating to insiders will show the actions of insiders at the company and which insiders own more than 5% of the company.



View the company’s historical dividend payments (currency specified). When the dividend was paid, recorded and announced since inception of the company beginning a dividend.

Data is conveniently split adjusted for easier viewing of historical dividend hikes.


Investor Tools


Tracking portfolio companies or a separate list of stocks on your radar has never been easier and more customizable.  Build a watchlist in seconds and customize the columns you would like to use picking from 100+ metrics available.

You can navigate between:

  • Watchlist summary

  • Filings specifically related to your watchlist

  • Performance over different stretches of time

  • News curated for the watchlist


Beyond the wonderful customizability of the watchlist feature, you can get curated lists of annual and quarterly reports, filings, transcripts, and other investor material in addition to curated news on the list of companies selected.

Going even further to making portfolio management easier, you can select “earnings date” as a field in the table and keep track of important quarterly earnings upcoming.

To act long term like a business owner and investor, you can turn on Business Owner Mode which will remove price action.  Another step toward fulfilling our mission of building a platform that provides signal in a world of noise.

KPI Dashboard

Either load in your watchlist, or start selecting business KPIs you would like to view in one consolidated place.  This is the real power of Stratosphere and the differentiator between other financial data platforms.  We bring you the data that moves the needle.

Our coverage of this more granular data is always increasing.  Today we have over 500+ large caps and it grows daily.  To view an updated list of our KPI coverage, view the KPI Dashboard.

Build powerful comps like comparing Cloud infrastructure, streaming subscribers, retail square footage, the choices are endless in a way you have never seen before.


Save endless hours by utilizing this powerful data set and skip the manual data collection.  This data is triple checked for accuracy.

Users on a Professional Plan may request KPI coverage and our team will accommodate the request immediately.

Fundamental Charting

If there is such a thing as a financial sandbox (for nerds), this is it.

Endless customization and data visualization options, select from over 40,000+ stocks and 100+ financial metrics to compare and contrast for up to 140 quarters.


You can view results on one single panel, by stock or by metric in seconds as the terminal is lightning quick.

The left panel will provide everything you need to select:

  • Companies

  • Metrics

  • Panel views

The top navigation will give options like:

  • Time horizon

  • Annually or quarterly toggle

  • Change to % and zero out starting points

  • Change currencies

  • Export the visual


Stock Screener

Idea generation is an art and process of turning over as many promising opportunities as possible.  Tools like a highly customizable screener can help simplify an investors process of determining a list of ideas that can fit a strategy.

Not every business is created equal and our screener can identify an investable universe based on criteria like:

  • Country

  • Exchange

  • Industry 

  • Sector

  • Margins

  • Growth

  • Dividends

  • Efficiency

  • Valuation

  • Financial health

  • Pre-set famous investor screens

By not only providing an option of pre-set screens, the stock screener provides the ability to specify exact upper and lower bands.



Famous Investors and Fund Holdings

Beyond searching stocks on the platform, you can also view data on funds like ETFs and mutual funds, but even more impressively, you can view famous investors like Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Li Lu’s Himalaya, Chuck Akre’s Akre Capital Management and much more.


Providing a famous investor or fund into the search bar will pull important stats about their portfolio, the holdings and how things have changed over time updated each quarter with 13F filings.


Drilling down into a particular holding will unveil how ownership has changed over time visually.


Hedge Fund Letters

We compiled and keep up to date hedge fund letters so you don’t have to.

Updated daily, the platform brings in the latest from the professional investing world.  Tap into their thoughts and how they are navigating the market.


Earnings Calendar

Make earnings season a breeze by getting a consolidated view of upcoming earnings reports with customizable views and sorting capabilities.


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