Excel Add-In

The Financial Plugin pulls clean historical financial data, ratios, segments and company-specific KPIs for stocks.

Installation Instructions

One click install for all Professional members.

1) Install Add-In

Install the add-in from the Microsoft store by opening it here.

2) Login To

Once the Add-In is running, login to your account and start using the Add-In.

3) Open The Add-In

Press "Show Taskpane" with our logo on it to view the Excel Add-In window. From here you can customize the data you want to pull into your spreadsheet. Excel Add-in Financial Data

Build sheets in seconds

Financial modeling is now a breeze and up to 90x faster with's clean financial data going back up to 35 years.

Easy To Use

Pull data on 40,000+ global stocks into your spreadsheets in seconds.

Robust Dataset

Pull granular data like revenue segments and company-specific KPIs and witness the magic. Excel Add-in KPIs

Apply for access

The Excel add in is only available to subscribers of Professional.